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Maya's Reliability

Maya has never missed a scheduled booking.

Mickey's Honest Review of Maya

Don't let the negative review of her discourage you. There are 2 sides to every story and others who have met her really enjoyed their time with her. Even that particular client contacted me later suggesting that maybe we should remove his review but I refused to remove it.

Also, I think much of the problem with that particular client was caused by his interest in Maya's friend Patti. A little bit of jealousy when the client wanted to switch back and forth between them after really getting their hopes up. Ya, there shouldn't be any jealousy with regards to things like this, but we are all human. Others have had no problems with her and I doubt anyone else will. She's learned her lesson.

Escort: Maya

Date: 19th of Sep 2019


I got a wonderful 24-hr date right from the moment Maya entered my room at night. Her real person looked more gorgeous than her photos. She was a bit shy. My sex desire rose to the top at once. Though shy she was not hesitated to have sex right away. The first few hours we kept having foreplay, sex and bathing together time after time. Only after little rest we started a cycle again. We had very heavy workload that night. Surprisingly Maya had no complaints at all. Instead she enjoyed very much in every foreplay and sex. Next day besides the meals and a few more times of sex, we ended our date by seeing a movie. My 24 hours with Maya is really joyful and sex indulged.


Response from Maya: Wow! Thank you for nice time and nice review. Hope to see you again soon.

Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Maya to other clients? yes

Would you hire Maya again? yes

Escort: Maya

Date: 19th of Aug 2019


By far the worst experience I have ever had with a working girl, if I could leave negative stars I would. She showed up and was friendly enough, actually was a lot of fun outside the bedroom when sober. When things hit the bedroom things were not good, oral skills were practically non existent and when it came to sex she somehow managed to be worse than a girl who just lays there, she actively pushed herself into me so there was really no way to have sex with her. The sexual experience was definitely subpar, but Ive given good reviews for girls I didnt click with in the bedroom. It was the following day that things really took a turn for the worse. It was a 24 hour booking and she left and disappeared for about 6 hours then showed up to go to a birthday party with some of the other girls from the site I have seen before and some of their friends, She got obnoxiously drunk causing one couple to leave early as they were embarrassed. Following that a respected thai businessman joined our party in the restaurant and said hello to her and she responded by looking upon him with scorn and told him she didn't like to talk with or go with thai men (this was not a guy looking for an escort and everyone was embarrassed). She then started talking about how she was +too good to go with farangs+ and then got into a verbal altercation with another well respected long time girl that also works on this site. We then put her in the car to bring her back to her condo and made a pit stop so she could throw up a few times. Really not recommended for westerners. Asian guys may have a better experience.


Response from Maya: Sorry make you feel bad on that night I will try do better on next booking Sorry for that bad time for you and your friends. I thought we had fun the first night as things seemed ok but yes I did get a bit too drunk the send night and I am very sorry. I will have learned and promise to do better. Sorry for everyone I caused problems for. I hope I not get removed from this site as I know I can do better and I want to chance to prove that. I just drank too much the second day.

Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Maya to other clients? no

Would you hire Maya again? no

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